Physics can energy be created or destroyed
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 can energy be created or destroyed
Author: question (
Date:   07-28-05 20:11

It is not hard to believe that matter can not be created nor destroyed just transfered to a different form. What is hard is believing that energy can not be created nor destroyed. Since matter can just be transfered to energy, what does the energy get transfred to? With all the new people being born where did their energy come from?

For simplicity lets say that we can measure the amount of energy, and this being all types of energy. say yesterday the earth had 5 units of energy. so then by the law of conservation they earth has 5 units of energy today, it will have 5 units of energy tomorrow, and it has had 5 unit of energy since it's creation. now if this is true how is it that the population of the earth continues to grow? if the law was true then the energy required for a baby to be born and live its entire life would have had to have been reformed from some where else (this also says that the future has already been decided and there is no free will, but that is a different discussion). so this is saying that some thing is losing (different from being destroyed) its energy to supply all the new borns with the energy required.

the law states for a closed system. it is easy to see how the earth is not a closed system with the sun and all. so what about the solar system. well energy could be transferred from other solar systems in the galaxy. but there are other galaxies in the universe. so to get a closed system lets look and the universe (if you wish to bring in the multiverse theory then we can look at the oniverse (sum of all) either way it will still be the same). so if we can measure all the energy we could say that the universe had 10,000 units yesterday, has today, will tomorrow, and has had though out time (for now I won't go into where that 10,000 units came from).

so in this closed system something is losing energy so we can over populate earth. now one could say that gathering all the energy that each star puts would probable be more then enough energy for each plant (assuming that there is other life in the universe which would be dumb not to) to continue their existence. now as a star grows (from blue dwarf, yellow med, red giant) it gets bigger and gives off more energy. so this could explain where all the continual energy comes from for over population. but as the sun grows it also needs more energy. now assuming that each star is generally the same (meaning like people the grow, die, and during give off on average the same amount of energy respectfully during each stage of their lives), what is losing the energy needed for the stars to grow?

it could be argued that there is an proportionate number of stars in each of their life cycle so that the older ones are supplying for the younger and the meds are supplying for the younger. but if this is so then all the energy that is lost (again different from destroyed) is gained by another star instead of say an over populated plant. so if we assume that there is an equivalent about of stars there could be an equivalent amount of life (this being all life except that of stars but including man/E.T. made things).

so with and equivalent amount of life the energy that each being loses goes to another that gains. this would suggest that as we are over populating there are others that are dying. if this is so then as say one plant over populates to much and needs to move to another plant (ex: us going to the moon and continue to over populate) then another place (or numerous place) had to have lost the amount of energy for each new being born at any given time.

now we could believe that plants are being suddenly destroy or damaged and the energy that is lost is then transferred (the energy is probable not transferred directly but probable goes though many different forms) to those that gain it. this is a bit hard to believe. we could say that there is an proportionate amount of beings in their cycles of their life like as with the stars. so this could go to say that other plants had to have large jumps in evolution (this being more for man/E.T. made things) and growth for the other plants to evolve at a slower rate but still grow at a near exponential rate. with this theory one could assume that since cataclysms happen (plants colliding, space rocks impacting, ect..) that could account for the sudden bust of evolution and growth as far as scientist can determine a sudden growth like that (which would have to be proportionate it to that of the cataclysm) has not happened and is not very likely to happen. so what gains from that large lost of energy?

we could say that the large lost of energy from life could be used to allow stars to be born. if this was true then there would not be a proportionate amount of stars (since as a star dies the energy lost would go to a new one being born). this could be explained two ways.

1) during the life of a star it loses the excite amount of energy that is needed for all life (this also includes plants) in its solar system. this could then mean that each solar system is a closed system once it has been created. if this was true then solar systems would have to be dying and being born at the same time. but if just two plants collide and the star is still going what happens. I could be that the energy from the plants created a solar system from their lost of energy, though it would have to be a very small one.

2) that when the universe was created not all 10,000 units were used, but some of the units would be static energy (that being energy that is not used in any way buy anything, similar to potential and kinetic). so this can so that there isn't a need for any huge jump in evolution or growth. but since death seems to be more catastrophic the energy that is lost because of that may not need to be gained by, anything but rather sits as static energy until it is needed. this also means that there wouldn't need to be a proportionate amount of life or stars since static energy can be used for over populating areas and static energy can be increased by that of cataclysms.

there are many mysteries of the universe (I mean the ones other then women). for example black holes. as far as can be told about theses they take everything in. does this mean every and all type of energy? if so then if there really is static energy this could be one way that the static energy reserve is increased.

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